ALERT:The Utah Jazz have revealed fresh uniforms and an extended color scheme inspired by mountain basketball.

Today, the Utah Jazz launched “Mountain Basketball,” a brand ethos deeply rooted in Jazz culture since 1979. This philosophy celebrates the essence of Utah, intertwining a love for basketball, the vibrant community, and the profound influence of the state’s mountainous landscape on everyday experiences. In an unprecedented move, the Jazz also revealed their primary uniforms for the upcoming two seasons, showcasing the significance of purple and mountain imagery in their jersey design and overall brand narrative. This includes the introduction of new colors like Mountain Purple, Midnight Black, and Sky Blue, which enrich the team’s expanded color palette.

“Our branding is an ongoing journey, evolving alongside us, our fanbase, and the ever-changing landscape of basketball,” stated Ryan Smith, the governor of the Utah Jazz. “Mountain Basketball and the color purple are deeply ingrained in the heart of Utah and the Jazz, and we’re thrilled to offer our community a glimpse into what lies ahead.”


Teaming up with Doubleday & Cartwright, a renowned creative consultancy and design studio, the Jazz meticulously crafted this rendition of Mountain Basketball. Through a thorough exploration of Utah’s fervor for basketball and the profound influence of its mountainous terrain, they sought to capture the essence of the state’s identity, symbolizing growth and vitality. Utah stands out for its thriving economy, burgeoning population, coveted outdoor lifestyle, and emerging reputation as a hub for sports and entertainment.

Utah is renowned for its abundant basketball infrastructure, boasting the highest number of basketball courts per capita in the nation. These courts are not only present in every neighborhood but also prevalent in public parks and community centers throughout the state. Additionally, the majority of Utah’s population resides in the mountains, with approximately 85% living within a 15-mile radius of the Wasatch Front, spanning from the Utah-Idaho border to central Utah.

To showcase the significance of Mountain Basketball, a video released today features Utah’s youth engaged in basketball activities while donning jerseys inspired by the new designs of the Jazz uniforms. Youth basketball plays a pivotal role in Utah’s basketball culture, with approximately 100,000 participants engaging in Jazz youth programs annually. This includes 70,000 athletes who participated in Junior Jazz basketball programs in the past year alone, highlighting the deep-rooted loyalty and enthusiasm for basketball within Utah’s communities.

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