As a jinxed Colts fan, Anthony Richardson’s shoulder injury is causing some serious anxiety…

I might be blowing things out of proportion, but I can’t shake the nerves when I hear about Anthony Richardson’s shoulder issues resurfacing during Colts OTAs. It’s concerning to see him talking with trainers, taking rest days, and even resorting to left-handed throws. Sure, in isolation, it might not seem like a big deal, but as a seasoned Colts fan, it’s hard not to worry, especially considering his history with shoulder problems.

First, there is the history that is Anthony Richardson. Look at his brief Colts career, and it isn’t a stretch to question his durability. From a tweaked ankle in the very first game, to a concussion in the next, to a season ending injury, Ricardson didn’t have the smoothest of rookie campaigns. The man uses his body as a battering ram and takes hits because of it. This isn’t a call for him to change his game. It is simply pointing out that seeing discomfort this early on with no one contacting him is cause for some low level alarm.

The second historical data point lies with the franchise itself and how injuries have played out. Andrew Luck’s ankle was fine. Nothing to worry about. He was going to be ready in plenty of time to start the season. Next thing we knew, Luck was trotting off the field, never to be seen again in a Colts uniform. Although it turned into something slightly different, Jonathan Taylor was good to go for training camp until he wasn’t. This is what concerns me. Everyone saying things are no big deal until they are. Yes, Richardson has since thrown, and it sounds like he has some good touch on the ball. Doubts still linger in my mind. The Colts have created trust issues that I haven’t since been able to forget.

At the end of the day, all is most likely well. Anthony Richardson is probably just knocking off the rust and needs time to build up strength. That is my absolute hope. I have seen two incredible quarterbacks move on due to injuries. I am desperately holding out that we won’t see a third. Right now it is just shoulder soreness. Nothing more. Let’s just keep it that way.

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