Best moments from Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns’ presser after Timberwolves’ Game 7 win over Nuggets…

After a Game 7 comeback win over the Denver Nuggets to go to the Western Conference finals, the vibes emanating from the Minnesota Timberwolves are stellar.


Nowhere was that more apparent than in the joint postgame news conference with Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns. Edwards and Towns, the big two hoping to lead Minnesota to the promised land, were jubilant and carefree as they answered questions from the media.


You can watch the full news conference in the video above, or read a selection of the best quotes and moments below.

On the Timberwolves’ team chemistry

This is Timberwolves basketball. I think this was a real showing of Timberwolves basketball at its finest, where it’s a team effort. We got hype for players that we have, me, [Edwards] included on this table, but like, I said, we don’t got a big three, we got a big 15. Every single person on this team means a lot to this team and they help in so many different ways. This game just shows that the Timberwolves — not Anthony Edwards, not Karl-Anthony Towns, not Rudy Gobert — the Timberwolves are a special team.”

On what this win means for Towns

Towns: “I been here nine years, I’ve talked about wanting to win and do something special here with this organization. For all the failures and all the things that didn’t materialize, that happened, the disappointment that comes with it. To be having this moment where, even just for this moment, we get to celebrate the wins. For me, being here nine years, I’ve seen everything and seen it all.”


Edwards: “Man, f–k them nine years.”


Towns: “Man, f–k, right?”


Edwards: “This year.”

On when the tide turned in Game 7

Edwards: “I think when Rudy hit the turnaround I was like, ‘Yeah, we probably got them,’ because I know that’d kill you, that’d kill your whole — that’d kill everything. Big shoutout to big Ru, man, big Ru hit the turnaround on they a–.”

On facing the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference finals

Towns: “Honestly, I think for us we’re just so happy about this moment, we can’t even think about the next moment.”

Edwards: “I’m thinking about it.”

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