Breaking: Lakers Must Target Zach LaVine Trade After Surprise Report.

The rumor mill is abuzz with talk about the Lakers as Los Angeles aims to reclaim its top spot after a first-round exit. The decision to fire Darvin Ham signals that LA is ready to make whatever changes are necessary to become serious contenders again.


Regarding the roster, a major addition seems to be in the works, and now another potential target has emerged for Rob Pelinka.

Evan Sidery of Forbes reports the Chicago Bulls “will attempt” to trade guard Zach LaVine this offseason. Sidery notes LaVine’s market is “severely limited”, though, and Chicago “might have to attach an asset to get off LaVine at this rate.”


This news should certainly perk up the Lakers’ ears for several reasons. The most obvious is the fact LaVine’s a major scoring threat on the wing who’d help supercharge Los Angeles’ offense and provide a unique offensive weapon alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The news that Chicago is eager to part ways with LaVine is another encouraging sign. James reportedly supported the idea of the Lakers acquiring LaVine at this year’s trade deadline, so Los Angeles now has another chance to satisfy its star player by pursuing the high-flying former No. 13 pick.

Moreover, it seems acquiring LaVine won’t be as expensive as it might have been before. The Lakers might even receive assets in addition to LaVine, provided they can manage the financial aspects.

However, LaVine still has three years left on his contract, worth about $138 million, making any trade deal for him quite costly. Nonetheless, he’s the type of star who could significantly boost the team, and his clear availability makes him a more feasible target than other potential acquisitions this summer.


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