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The Detroit Lions (-3) have been aggressively retaining their core players with contract extensions. This offseason, they signed Jared Goff to a massive deal (through 2027, with an option in 2028), locked up Amon-Ra St. Brown through 2028, and inked Penei Sewell to a huge contract that will keep him on the roster through 2029.


But who is next in line?


That was our question for Lions fans in the most recent SB Nation Reacts survey, and the results are in.


For wagering:

– Wager $10 on DET:

– To beat LAR: $15.71

– Win by 3: $18.33

– To lose: $24.50

The case for extending Alim McNeill is clear, given that he is undeniably one of the top three defenders on the Lions’ current roster and has the potential to become a superstar. The primary concern about extending McNeill is the potential cost. As highlighted in a related article, the average annual salary for the top 20 defensive tackles exceeds $15 million, with the top 13 earning at least $21 million per year.

Here are a few explanations from Pride of Detroit readers in the comment section of the original companion article, with some responses lightly edited for clarity:

MystDragoon: “Alim is the Amon-Ra St. Brown of the defense. His versatility allows other specialized players to get playing time and enables flexible game plans. He’s next.”
Sprtn66: “Alim McNeill, please. He was my draft crush that year. Now that the defense is becoming respectable, I don’t want to start letting foundational pieces go.”
positivebob: “ALIM. This guy will be a Chris Jones-level destroyer this year.”
JayBDet: “Alim and Decker, before they get any more expensive.”

It’s also worth pointing out that while McNeill is the player fans’ favorite for the next extension, Decker also got his fair share of votes. One of the leaders of this team, Decker is in the final year of a big contract and the stability the Lions would gain by giving him a contract would be incredibly valuable.

Let’s hear more from the fans:


SwordOfIfeatu: “Decker. The offensive line is crucial for this team, and it will take a while for Gio to get up to speed.”

DetSports: “Decker for sure. He hasn’t burdened us financially and is as loyal as a puppy. He’s a way above-average talent who plays through pain.”

LeoninePride: “Big Deck. He has one year left and said he still has a lot of gas in the tank. If any Lions player deserves Super Bowl success, it’s TD68.”

enelsoniii: “Decker. He’s the longest-tenured player and tremendously underrated. Add two years, and Manu gets more time to learn. Decker deserves it for both his performance and loyalty.”


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