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The Utah Jazz are a team in flux. They may be a playoff team during the 2024-2025 season, or they may end up taking for Cooper Flagg. Right now, at the end of May 2024, anything is possible. Team CEO Danny Ainge promised us that the team was going “big game hunting”. That may end up being what happens, but the game available may not be what the fans want to see on the team.

it’s one thing to salivate over the idea of Devin Booker joining the Utah Jazz, it’s another to think it may be Trae Young or Jalen Green. The Jazz fandom was promised a truly big game. Not what the NBA “experts” constitute as a big game, for the sake of ratings and ticket sales. We need players who can guide the team to future success. Not just guys who shoot 20 times a game and sell jerseys.

Real-life game changers. Guys who can be added to the club to make the club better. Those guys are few and far between, however. So instead we look to the roster as we have it and look at guys who may be able to improve their game enough to help the team get past the hump.

They’ve been good, at times even “good enough” but to make waves in the ever-increasing Western conference, the Utah Jazz have to be truly great. To be great, we’re going to need guys to step up around Lauri Markkanen to get the job done. That’s what we’re looking at today, guys current only the team that the Jazz are going to need to either get better or return to form.

We’re not factoring in potential or rumored trades. If they’re still on the roster at the end of May 26, 2024, we’re capable of including them.

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