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The Golden State Warriors might be nearing the end of their era. They failed to make the playoffs this past season, marking their third miss in the last five years. Their performance on the court has also strayed from the championship-caliber teams that clinched seven consecutive playoff spots and secured three titles.


The silver lining is that they are only two seasons removed from their last championship, and Stephen Curry continues to play at an elite level, even in his 15th year.

Given this, it would be sensible for the Warriors to make one final push to revive their championship hopes.

“The Warriors missed an opportunity at the trade deadline by not strengthening their roster with new additions,” wrote Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz on April 30. “Golden State has a duty to Stephen Curry to acquire more win-now talent this offseason, while also attempting to offload Andrew Wiggins’ contract.”

To correct this “mistake” and “revive the dynasty,” Swartz proposes a hypothetical trade that brings Brooklyn Nets starters Mikal Bridges and Dennis Schroder to the Warriors.

Bridges is among the most reliable players in the NBA, which would be an important factor for a Warriors team planning to keep Draymond Green,” Swartz wrote. “Bridges would be an upgrade over both Wiggins and Kuminga on both sides of the ball.

“Meanwhile, Schröder … would become the new backup point guard behind Curry, since Chris Paul will almost certainly not return for financial reasons.”

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