Breaking News:Acun Ilicali’s stewardship of Hull City is under scrutiny as a critical decision regarding Tim Walter approaches.

Few beyond Acun Ilicali’s inner circle were aware of the impending developments after the final whistle at Home Park on Saturday, marking the end of Hull City’s Championship campaign with a disappointing 1-0 loss to Plymouth Argyle.

Liam Rosenior sensed the unfolding situation when he visited the MKM Stadium on Tuesday to meet Ilicali and vice-chairman Tan Kesler. He noticed signs of discord behind the scenes, with their once harmonious relationship now strained, evidenced by less frequent communication between them.

Of course, it was a bitterly disappointing moment for a man who cares deeply for the club he played for during his long and distinguished career, and then worked tirelessly to move from Championship strugglers to one capable of challenging at the top end of one of Europe’s toughest leagues. But Rosenior has been around football all his life, he’s seen it happen to his father, and understands it’s how it goes. He will leave with his managerial stock high and another plum job surely won’t be too far away, and while it has ended earlier than both he and Ilicali would have liked, the relationship has been beneficial for both.

It’s brutal, it’s cutthroat and we all know how it works. The initial anger and frustration which met the announcement on Tuesday afternoon has largely subsided, and fans have started to come to terms with what Ilicali described as the toughest decision he’s made since buying the East Yorkshire club in January 2022. The emotional ties the 39-year-old held with the club and city perhaps made accepting the decision a little tougher and for some, it will take a little longer than others.

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