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At this point in LeBron James’ NBA career, he, the fans, and the front offices seem to be taking things year by year when it comes to if and where he will play his next season in the league.


After losing to the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs and with his son Bronny in the upcoming draft, there has been plenty of speculation about whether or not LeBron will leave the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason, and one city might have an outside chance to steal him away from LA due to a particular brand of fried chicken.

Ryan McGee of ESPN shared an interesting nugget with “The Pat McAfee Show” on Friday, saying that LeBron is quite fond of Charlotte because of Bojangles chicken, saying, “he was so obsessed with it he would send the clubhouse attendant to go and get it for the team.”

The Charlotte Hornets better start clearing some cap space and get the catering department on speed dial, because they have the trump card when it comes to LeBron’s services.

After four NBA championships, four MVPs, and over 40,000 points, there’s not much left for LeBron to accomplish in his storied NBA career, so what better way to ride off into the sunset during his latter years than by positioning Bronny to be drafted by the Hornets so he can make the cross-country trip and eat Bojangles with his son for a few years?

Maybe we’re reaching here, or maybe the Lakers are already in the process of opening up a Bojangles in LA.


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