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A community member is calling for action following a shooting that resulted in one fatality and multiple injuries.
Arkansas State Police reported that the shooting occurred around 10 p.m. on Saturday, near the intersection of Williams Avenue and Martin Luther King Street. Tragically, 27-year-old Varian Campbell succumbed to injuries at a local hospital, while at least nine others sustained injuries. Katoria Tobar was among the community members present at the scene.
It’s still just shocking because, you would never think it would happen at home, you see all the time in the news it happens everywhere else, but you would never think it’d hit home,” she said.

“Shots started right over right here,” she pointed to the corner of F Street and Williams Ave. “Me and my cousins, we were hiding behind the truck just to try to take some cover,” she pointed in another direction.

It was a fear that came to life for Katoria Tobar and several others. Tobar said the party was meant to be a celebration for the community.

“You had crowds here, crowds there. When you walk around you feel the love everywhere. It was supposed to be something positive, something peaceful, and they turned it to a horrific tragedy,” she said.
Tobar and other witnesses said an argument quickly led to shots being fired – partygoers running across fields trying to escape the bullets, dropping food, drinks, jewelry, and phones along the way.

“You know, hearing bullets fly past your ears as you could hear and the bullet just steady coming. In that moment, it’s like everything just thinking over it,” she said

Tobar would run and hide behind a building, then run until she was far enough, injuring her ankle in the process. Her thoughts were on her children.

“I had my son calling me last night couldn’t get a hold of me, just so I could come home and they embraced me, worried stressed, like, ‘Momma I’m glad you’re ok, we heard the shots going,” she said
Arkansas State Police have not identified any suspects related to the shooting.

Anyone with information is urged to call Arkansas State Police at 870-970-6082, or the Wynne Police Department.

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