Breaking News:LeBron James Has New Two-Word Nickname For Anthony Davis…see more.

It appears Anthony Davis has a new nickname, given to him by his Los Angeles Lakers teammate LeBron James.


Recently, Davis was selected for the All-NBA Second Team and the All-Defensive First Team, making him the only player in the 2023-24 season to receive both honors.

James was like a proud brother on Friday after learning of the accomplishment, and he took to his Instagram Story to congratulate Davis. Interestingly, LeBron seemed to have given a new nickname to his Lakers teammate in the process after he called him “The Franchise.”

The Franchise!!! Does it all,” James wrote along with a graphic of Davis’ latest accomplishment.

Anthony Davis is often referred to as AD (for his initials) and The Brow (due to his thick eyebrows). But sure enough, those nicknames are not impactful and didn’t seem like much effort was put into coming up with them.

The Franchise certainly has a nice ring to it, especially since Davis is part of a Lakers team that has a long history.

However, there’s one issue: that nickname is already taken. Tyrese Maxey has also been called “The Franchise” by Joel Embiid and his Philadelphia 76ers teammates. Perhaps LeBron James is unaware of this, or maybe he’s not actually giving Davis that nickname. Hopefully, LeBron will clarify this soon.

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