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Patty Gasso, head coach of OU softball, commented on the rise of women’s college basketball, emphasizing its expanding reach and the growing enthusiasm surrounding the sport. She acknowledged the significant progress in terms of audience engagement and the increased spotlight on women’s college basketball. Gasso highlighted that this trend reflects broader gains for women’s sports and supports the ongoing momentum towards greater recognition and support for female athletes.

Patty Gasso, Oklahoma’s head coach who has been instrumental in increasing the popularity and audience for college softball, shared her thoughts on the recent growth of women’s college basketball following exciting matchups like LSU-Iowa and UConn-USC. When asked about this surge in popularity, Gasso expressed her appreciation for the vibrant energy and increased viewership these games generated. She recognized that the attention these games receive contributes positively to the overall growth and visibility of women’s sports, signaling a shift towards greater recognition and support.

When the University of Connecticut (UConn) and the University of Iowa women’s basketball teams competed for a spot in the NCAA Championship, the event attracted a substantial audience. According to ESPN, the game peaked at 17 million viewers and averaged around 14.2 million viewers. This was the highest viewership for any basketball game in ESPN’s history, the network’s second-highest rating for a non-football event, and the most-watched college event on ESPN Plus.

Oklahoma’s head coach Patty Gasso, who has been instrumental in boosting the popularity of college softball, has witnessed the increasing interest in the sport. After LSU-Iowa and UConn-USC delivered thrilling games on Tuesday, she was asked about the surge in the sport’s popularity and the growing audience it has attracted.

I love it,” Gasso said with a smile. “The people tuning in is tremendous for us. Know what’s really cool, is to see these young women get this opportunity. It’s growing. Whether you like it or not it’s growing and that’s what we’ve been working towards. As a coach that’s been doing this a long time to see where this started and to see where it is now is thrilling.”

An average of 7.1 million viewers tuned in to watch the undefeated South Carolina Gamecocks take on NC State. This Sunday, South Carolina, boasting a flawless 37-game record, will face off against Iowa with a national championship on the line. Oklahoma head coach Patty Gasso hopes that fans focus on the high level of play exhibited by the teams and avoid bringing negativity into the conversation.

Oklahoma softball, under Gasso’s leadership, won its third consecutive national championship and its seventh overall this past season. Additionally, with that victory, Oklahoma extended its winning streak to 53 games, setting an NCAA record that eventually grew to 71 consecutive wins. Despite the team’s remarkable success, Gasso has faced criticism and negative comments due to the Sooners’ dominance on the field.

I love watching elite athletes play,” She said on Tuesday. “Whether it’s bowling, golf or softball or women’s basketball, l love to watch elite athletes. For any person to say anything negative about that is just ludicrous. It shows that people behind the scenes will anything to get the focus on them. What are doing? Let us play. I don’t care if you like us or not. The Evil Empire or the debutantes or all this other garbage, it’s just garbage. Just let us play. We’ve worked so hard to get here, regardless of whether it’s women’s basketball or something else, just let us play. If you don’t love watching us then leave it alone, but nobody can because they need attention.

That’s why I always tell our players to play and have fun and the outside … keep everything in our bubble and don’t let it affect us. We’re not doing anything wrong. What are we doing wrong? If we’re winning and people don’t like that then I’m sorry, but that’s my job; that’s what I get paid for. I’m not going to lose to make you happy. We practice hard and we play hard.”


In the history of the women’s NCAA Tournament, there have been nine undefeated champions. If South Carolina beats Iowa, the Gamecocks will become the 10th. For Iowa and Caitlyn Clark the win could seal the career of one of the best players ever. It will also display a phenomenal March Madness run to the title, where Iowa would have taken down the defending championship, come from behind from a 12-point deficit in the Final Four game, and beat an undefeated team.

It’s discouraging to listen and watch people try to expose things when we’re just trying to bring fans in,” Gasso said. “I don’t know what the viewership was but I was tuning in because it was intriguing. They’re elite athletes and that’s what intrigues me. All that other stuff, I don’t care about. I care about watching 35-foot bombs and it was unbelievable. I love good competition and elite athletes competing and there’s nothing better than that.”

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