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“I’m still surprised by how much attention Lady Vols basketball gets, judging by the flood of emails I’ve received since Tennessee fired coach Kellie Harper and hired Kim Caldwell.

Given the team’s lack of a national spotlight for so long, you’d think the fan base might have become more indifferent. I’m curious to see if the hiring of a new coach will boost attendance next season.


Ticket prices could play a role in that, according to what Joel mentioned to me.”

“Joel writes, ‘I’m not too worried about Lady Vols basketball right now. Sure, Harper’s recruitment strategy might have had its shortcomings, but we can’t say for sure if they’re falling further behind just yet.


If 11 SEC teams make it to the Tournament, I’m confident the Lady Vols will be one of them. But if only 6 or 7 teams get in, I have my doubts.'”

I think there’s a good chance ticket prices will rise, just like the odds of the Lady Vols making it to the NCAA Tournament.

Mike’s saying that if the Lady Vols miss the NCAA tournament for the first time in their history, critics will be quick to argue that this proves Kellie Harper should have stayed, suggesting the new, less experienced coach isn’t ready for the role.

But in my opinion, it would be proof why Kellie should have been fired.  The lack of quality players on this team is clearly the result of Harper’s poor recruiting for the past few years.

Her lack of success in recruiting was shocking.  Kellie Harper will be to blame, not Kim Caldwell.

My response: Caldwell will have less to work with than her predecessors, Harper, and Holly Warlick. She also must rely on a roster, which – except for the three transfers she has added – wasn’t recruited for her full-court, up-tempo style of play.

Something else working against her: The SEC will be stronger than ever.

Phyllis writes: Why do you constantly add some negative ugly comments about Harper regardless of the story you are attempting to write? She is a good coach and represented the university well

You, Danny White and UT should be ashamed of your actions.

My response: You have set me up for more negative comments. But I will resist the urge.

James writes: I am excited about Kim Caldwell’s presence.  We will win 20 plus games in her first season which will be better than Coach Harper’s final season.

My basis for this positive outlook is that Coach Caldwell has done something that Coach Harper did not do.  She has hired an experienced staff that will complement her, including solid recruiters.  Adding other SEC coaches is important.

Her style of play will attract top high school talent.  Defense wins ball games and her emphasis there will make her competitive against top 25 teams.

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