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Rich Eisen appears to be confused, launching into an opinionated rant about what he perceives as an error by Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Macdonald, even though he lacks all the facts. Essentially, Eisen’s approach in this instance resembled the kind of commentary that’s devoid of integrity.
The issue is that Rich Eisen is generally a well-liked guy known for his charitable work. For instance, his annual run during NFL drafts, while not speedy, is aimed at raising money for charity—not for personal glory. That’s the type of person Eisen is. What he usually isn’t, however, is someone who delivers baseless opinions, but that’s exactly what happened this week when he spoke about Macdonald without having all the facts.
The crux of the matter is that Rich Eisen discussed on his show how Mike Macdonald removed several photos depicting significant moments from Pete Carroll’s era at the Seahawks’ headquarters. Eisen interpreted this as an attempt by Macdonald to leave his own mark on the team, neglecting to honor recent achievements. However, Eisen completely misrepresented the facts.
Rich Eisen disrespects Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Macdonald without understanding the real facts
First off, the pictures Rich Eisen referred to, such as those featuring the Legion of Boom and scenes from playoff victories, haven’t been removed. Instead, they’re being replaced by a video board that displays many of the same images. Additionally, the room Eisen mentioned is adjacent to another room filled with photos of every Seahawk who has ever played for the team. The Lombardi Trophy and other symbols of recent success are still prominently displayed in the lobby of the VMAC.
In a recent episode of his radio show, Rich Eisen went off on Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Macdonald over an alleged move to erase the team’s past by removing photos of the team’s former glories at the Seahawks’ headquarters. Eisen suggested that this was a way for Macdonald to make his own mark without respecting the team’s successful history under previous coach Pete Carroll. However, Eisen seemed to miss key facts and launched into a rant without having the complete picture.

The issue that sparked Eisen’s outburst is the perceived removal of significant memorabilia, like images of the Legion of Boom and past playoff victories. But here’s where Eisen got it wrong: those photos weren’t removed completely; they were simply being replaced by a high-tech video board showcasing similar images. Furthermore, the facility has another room featuring photos of every Seahawk who has ever played for the team, and the Lombardi Trophy from their Super Bowl win is still prominently displayed in the lobby.

Another misconception by Eisen was over Macdonald’s level of authority. It’s not just Macdonald’s call to make such changes; any major decisions at Seahawks headquarters require approval from General Manager John Schneider and Chairperson Jody Allen, highlighting that Macdonald isn’t single-handedly running the team.

Adding to the confusion, Eisen aired a clip from defensive lineman Leonard Williams discussing the new environment under Macdonald. Williams noted that the first time he walked into the team meeting room, he was excited by the empty walls, indicating a fresh start to build something new. Eisen, however, seemed to focus on the “empty walls” part of the statement without acknowledging the context of creating a clean foundation for future achievements.

Rich Eisen’s rant is a classic example of why it’s crucial to have all the facts before forming a strong opinion, especially when it involves discrediting someone’s approach or intentions. While Eisen is known for his likable personality and charity work, this time, he may have let his frustration get ahead of his research.
Rich Eisen also incorrectly suggests that defensive lineman Leonard Williams, who commented on the changes at Seahawks headquarters, has been with Seattle for several years. In fact, Williams was traded to the Seahawks midway through the 2023 season, joining the team during the later part of Pete Carroll’s tenure. While this might seem like a minor error, it underscores that Eisen’s rant might be based on incomplete or inaccurate information.

Eisen’s claim that head coach Mike Macdonald is solely responsible for any changes in the Seahawks’ facilities gives Macdonald too much credit. If the photos and memorabilia had been removed permanently—which they weren’t—it’s not likely that Macdonald would have made such decisions without General Manager John Schneider’s approval. It appears Eisen was looking to stir up drama, perhaps to attract listeners or create a buzz, but he missed the mark by not getting the facts straight.

Eisen typically maintains a good reputation for his work in sports media, so this instance of spreading misinformation stands out. Hopefully, this will serve as a reminder for him to do better in the future, ensuring that his comments are based on solid facts and not just speculation.

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