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KANSAS CITY —An unusually strong solar storm hitting Earth produced stunning displays of color in the skies across the Northern Hemisphere, with no immediate reports of disruptions to power and communications.

The effects of the Northern Lights, which were prominently on display in Kansas and Missouri were due to last through the weekend and possibly into next week.

In June 2018, prior to Patrick Mahomes’ emergence as a football sensation, Chiefs defensive end Tamba Hali foresaw his potential. Hali expressed confidence in Mahomes’ abilities, praising his intelligence, athleticism, and natural talent as reminiscent of Brett Favre. Hali was so certain of Mahomes’ prowess that he and his teammates eagerly awaited his debut in his second NFL season.

It’s tempting to wonder what would have happened if the Chiefs had flipped to Mahomes from Alex Smith during the 2017 season. And it’s not hard to spot where on the schedule Hali and others wanted to see Mahomes on the field.


Kansas City started 5-0 that year, and then went 1-3 entering the bye.


Of course, the bye is always the perfect reset for an Andy Reid-coached team, right? They got it right after the break, right? Wrong.

They lost two more in a row, scoring only nine points against the Giants and only 10 against the Bills. If there was ever a time for the Chiefs players to want to flip to Mahomes, that was it. A 5-0 start had become 6-5.

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