BREAKING NEWS:The Green Bay Packers are reportedly set to participate in a significant game during…

The Green Bay Packers are one of the most legendary franchises in the NFL. They are also one of the most recognized football brands not only in the United States but abroad as well.

That may lead to the Packers solidifying a historic opportunity.
According to commissioner Roger Goodell, the Philadelphia Eagles’ week one opponent in Brazil would be announced “within the next week.” That was during the owners’ meeting in March.

Packers president Mark Murphy leaked that the Packers and the Cleveland Browns were the two teams in consideration.
It’s been two weeks since Goodell’s comments, and we still don’t know if the Browns or Packers will play. However, President Mark Murphy hinted that Green Bay is preparing for the opportunity:
Murphy didn’t directly confirm the Packers’ selection, but signs strongly suggest they’ll be chosen. Wes Hodkiewicz provided more details on the matter.

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