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Whenever a player moves between two AFC North teams, it’s usually compelling content. This division stands out in the NFL for the genuine animosity among its four teams, and the rivalries are intensified by players who have experienced both sides.


Take Patrick Queen, for example. The former Ravens linebacker signed a three-year, $41 million contract with the Steelers this offseason and is quickly winning over Pittsburgh fans. In a recent interview with The Athletic, Queen was candid about why he believes the Steelers are a better fit for him.

Patrick Queen has fully embraced the Steelers-Ravens rivalry now

“It was an easy decision,” Queen said. “Money can bring happiness, but winning is essential for true happiness. I’d rather win and be happy than be rich and miserable. The atmosphere here suits me better. Everyone is great—the people, the players—and the food spots are fantastic. I’m a big food enthusiast. I prefer meat over seafood. This place just feels better for me.”

This is the Good Stuff. The slight insinuation that the Ravens would pay more, but win less? The hints about how unhappy he may (or may not) have been with the atmosphere in Baltimore are going to fuel Steelers Twitter for the next year alone.

But truly, the best part of this all is the seafood dig. There are few things Baltimore prides itself more on than its seafood scene, and if they take anything personally, it’ll be that. He may as well have just said that Old Bay is trash. Calling it “true food” is *chef’s kiss.*

Thank you, Patrick Queen. This is what OTAs were meant for. You may have had your official team introduction already, but we all know that this was the real one.

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