Brock Purdy: Having a full offseason to attack things has made me better.

49ers quarterback Brock Purdy had a very different offseason this year.


He was a seventh-round pick trying to make the team in 2022 and he was coming off serious elbow surgery that kept him from doing on-field work during OTAs last year, so being an established starter with no health limitations was a new experience for him. While at the 49ers’ “State of the Franchise” event on Monday, Purdy said that he believes the experience has positioned him for more success during his third NFL season.

49ers quarterback Brock Purdy experienced a significantly different offseason this year compared to previous ones. In 2022, he was a seventh-round pick vying for a spot on the team while recovering from serious elbow surgery, which prevented him from participating in on-field activities during OTAs. However, heading into his third NFL season as an established starter with no health limitations, Purdy believes this newfound stability will lead to greater success.

Speaking at the 49ers’ “State of the Franchise” event, Purdy expressed his optimism, stating, “We got all the way to the end. We’re right there and weren’t able to finish it.” He emphasized the hunger to achieve success after tasting it and highlighted the benefits of being able to fully engage in offseason activities, including working closely with head coach Kyle Shanahan to dissect past games and improve situational football awareness.

Reflecting on his progress, Purdy noted, “Last year, I didn’t have that, so now that I’m able to attack those kinds of things, I feel like I’ve gotten better.”

The 49ers have been formidable contenders in recent years, with two Super Bowl appearances and two NFC Championship Game appearances in the last five seasons. As they aim for continued success in 2024, Purdy’s enhanced performance could prove to be the missing piece that propels them to the top.

With his improved understanding of the game and enhanced physical condition, Purdy has the potential to elevate the team’s offense and contribute significantly to their championship aspirations. As the 49ers gear up for another season of contention, Purdy’s growth and development loom large as a potential catalyst for their success.

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