Congratulations:Arkansas football welcomes back two of the SEC’s top-rated edge rushers, according to PFF…Read more.

PFF unveiled a graphic showcasing the top-rated returning edge rushers in the SEC, featuring two players from Arkansas football. Among them is Landon Jackson, whose 75.7 grade places him on the list. Despite his lower grade compared to others, standing at 6 feet 7 inches, he’s considered a crucial player for the team. With Trajan Jeffcoat’s departure due to eligibility, Jackson’s role gains significance as much of the defensive line’s productivity transitions to this season.

Jackson, initially a surefire prospect for the 2024 NFL draft, opted to remain with Arkansas despite their overall record. His decision was hailed as a victory for the coaching staff, emphasizing the importance of finishing his college career on a higher note than their 4-8 standing. His return could be instrumental in revitalizing the team’s performance. Another standout player highlighted by PFF is Anton Juncaj, though he’s not a returning Arkansas player. Transferring from Albany, Juncaj dominated the FCS in 2023, boasting impressive stats across the board, demonstrating his prowess regardless of the competition level.

With a grade of 91.6, Juncaj leads the SEC’s edge rushers going into the 2024 season. How much of that translates to the SEC remains to be seen, but he seemed to hold his own against the first-team offensive line in the spring game.


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