Detroit Lions update: Terrion Arnold’s quote indicates he’s a natural fit for Dan Campbell’s team…Read More.

In the 2024 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions seized the opportunity when Terrion Arnold began to fall in the selection order. They swiftly traded up, sacrificing an additional third-round pick to secure the former Alabama cornerback, demonstrating their clear identification of Arnold as a priority target in the draft.

While his All-American collegiate career speaks for itself, Lions fans recently learned another reason why Detroit’s front office just had to add Arnold to the roster.

No, Arnold didn’t go full Dan Campbell and evoke shades of biting kneecaps, but he did show what sets him apart from other athletes. For Arnold, it’s his competitiveness.

That quote surely brings a smile to Arnold’s mom’s face, but we bet it’s music to Coach Campbell’s ears too. Clearly, Arnold’s not afraid to mix it up, and he won’t back down from any challenge, no matter who his opponent.

We’ll see if he keeps that same energy when it’s time to hit the field later this fall when the games begin. But for now, Arnold is off to a great start in Detroit.


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