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An Ipswich Town fan embarked on an ambitious 24-hour journey to watch his team potentially secure promotion. The die-hard fan traveled a long distance, perhaps even crossing borders or traversing continents, driven by his passion and dedication to support his team. His trip underscored the lengths to which football fans will go to be part of key moments in their team’s history. Despite the potential logistical challenges and the time constraints, his enthusiasm and unwavering support highlighted the unique bond between a team and its supporters.

Ipswich Town football fans across the UK are eagerly awaiting their team’s potential promotion to the Premier League. But for one devoted fan, this moment is too significant to miss, even if it means traveling from the other side of the world.

Scott Billison, a 26-year-old project engineer and season ticket holder, made a 24-hour journey from Tasmania to the UK to witness this historic event. Since moving to Tasmania for work in January, Scott had to meticulously plan his trip to ensure he didn’t miss the big game. He arrived on Friday morning, buzzing with excitement and ready to support his team as they aim for promotion.

Scott’s dedication exemplifies the passion of Ipswich Town fans, showing that no distance is too great when it comes to supporting the club they love. His journey highlights the special connection that fans have with their team, and he is set to join the rest of the Ipswich faithful in hoping for a memorable and successful match.

Mr Billison booked his tickets late on Wednesday night and left Tasmania the next morning.

It was as smooth as it could have been but I’m very tired,” he said.

“What a game to come back for.”

Mr Billison said his employer had been “very accommodating and understanding” about his last-minute trip.

“They’ve actually become quite invested in Ipswich Town as I talk about it a lot at work so they knew what was going on and what position we were in,” he said.

“Credit to them for letting me go, it’s great.

Mr Billison will be staying with family in Suffolk before he heads back across the world on Sunday night – but not before the eagerly anticipated game against Huddersfield.

“It’s been hard to get my head down on the planes because I’m feeling quite pumped for it,” he said.

“I hope the lads deliver the deliver the goods on Saturday and get the promotion they all deserve.

“Regardless of the result though, it’s been a great season and journey – and I dare say, just the start.”

Having followed Town for more than 10 years and watching the “McKenna era” from the start, Mr Billison said “you can really feel how far we have come”.

“It would certainly be the club’s most significant achievement since I’ve followed Ipswich, and it would mean so much to get it over the line with the journey we’ve all been on with the club in recent years,” he said.

Coming back for this game and supporting the team in achieving promotion would feel like a nice way to round off what I’ve seen, with being in Australia and not having easy access to future games in mind!”

Ipswich Town will take on Huddersfield from 12:30 BST.

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