Good news:Ole Miss extends an offer to 2028 QB Graham Simpson following his impressive performance at Friday Night Lights.

Talent clearly runs in the family. Ole Miss offered 2028 quarterback Graham Simpson after his remarkable performance at the Rebels’ Friday Night Lights camp. This is Simpson’s second offer, with his first being from Memphis. He is the younger brother of Alabama quarterback Ty Simpson and the son of Tennessee-Martin head coach Jason Simpson. Graham Simpson hails from Westview High School in Martin, Tennessee.

The June summer camps used to be a rising senior’s chance to showcase his skills in hopes of adding to his offer sheet. This year, more than ever, those prospects are not making the regular tours to compete. Instead, more and more camp sessions are filled with younger players. Good for them. It is easier for them to stand out without the current classes’ standouts eating up the reps.

With all the talk about the recruiting process speeding up and more and more prospects committing earlier, the June official visits appear to be driving the train a lot more than it has in previous years. Prospects used to be afforded five official visits a year. Now, they can take an unlimited amount of all expense paid excursions. Many are taking advantage of the new rules and using their weekends in June to take official visits to schools of interest.

Perhaps that is a good thing, but in many respects it cuts into the evaluation time of the coaches doing the recruiting. The process begins like a funnel where everyone appears to be a prospect until further due diligence is done. A list of names would get whittled down over the course of the spring evaluation period into a workable list of prospects who would camp to show that they could take coaching.

There is only so much a coach can learn about a player just by watching film or attending a spring jamboree. Can the player handle the rigors of a workout supervised by a college coach? Can he absorb what he is being taught and then put the new knowledge to use in the next rep?

Those are important questions, but questions that are now more difficult to answer. The reason for that is school’s are trying to get a competitive edge by getting prospects on official visits earlier and earlier. One wonders what impact that may have on signing classes and the over growing transfer portal talent pool. Will we see even more players processed out of programs, because they have to make a less informed decision about a potential prospect?

There are unintended consequences with every rule change. Many of those consequences are not fully realized until after the implementation of the rule. Not having guys in camps could be one of those. Coaches can have more contact with prospects then ever before through social media. There is more film available than at any point in the history of the game. Nobody is hidden.

That understood, we are also seeing a greater number of players who never go through a workout in front of their prospective coaches? We do not have enough data to draw any conclusions, but it is something to monitor as we move ahead. One could likely find some takers willing to wager that less in-person evaluation likely leads to even more transfers.

Bossi’s Best: Biggest spring stock boosters from the class of 2025

Up until a few years ago, spring recruiting was focused on a few key transfers and remaining unsigned seniors while the majority of the basketball world focused on the spring live periods and the next wave of rising senior talent that major programs were locking in on. Now, the college basketball transfer portal dominates the months of April and May.

With the growing importance of the portal, the NCAA cut the number of weekends that schools could go out to scout top grassroots talent from two to just one and moved that live window from the month of April to May. So, this year’s crop of rising seniors (class of 2025) haven’t had as much of a chance to play in front of college coaches as those who came before them.

Just because the coaches aren’t out as much, scouting service representatives and those who report on and cover recruiting tirelessly, like we do here at 247Sports, are out on the road more than ever. We have remained committed to making sure that up-and-coming talent gets unearthed while those who entered the spring already ranked get a chance to move up.

Later this month we’ll be updating national rankings for the classes of 2025 and 2026. As we prepare to meet as a group and discuss who should be moving up, who should be moving in and who needs to be watched more, I wanted to take a minute and single out some talents from the class of 2025.

These are just some of the players that I believe have put themselves in a position to earn either a promotion to their current ranking or a move from outside of the 2025 top-150 into the national rankings.

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