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The Atlanta Hawks possess the top pick in the 2024 NBA Draft and might be considering using it to acquire a star like Anthony Davis from the Los Angeles Lakers. The proposed trade would involve the Hawks sending Trae Young and the No. 1 overall pick to the Lakers in exchange for Davis.


**Lakers’ Perspective**

The Lakers are likely to accept this trade. Despite Anthony Davis’s high-caliber play and impressive statistics, his injury history and age (31) raise concerns about his long-term value. With LeBron James nearing retirement, acquiring a younger star like Trae Young (25) along with the top draft pick offers a promising future. This deal provides the Lakers with a new potential franchise cornerstone and valuable assets for rebuilding.


**Hawks’ Perspective**

The Hawks would probably reject this trade. Although Davis is a remarkable talent, his age and injury-prone nature are significant drawbacks. Instead, Atlanta might prefer to keep the No. 1 pick to draft Alexandre Sarr, a promising young center, to pair with Young. Retaining their top pick allows the Hawks to build a solid foundation with Trae Young and other key players like Dejounte Murray, aiming for a gradual but sustainable improvement.


**Trade Grades**

– **Los Angeles Lakers: B+**

The trade secures a youthful talent in Trae Young and the top pick, providing long-term benefits and strategic flexibility.

– **Atlanta Hawks: D+**

Trading Young and the No. 1 pick for an aging and injury-prone Davis is a risky move that could hinder their long-term growth, making this deal less favorable for Atlanta.

Trade Details

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Trae Young, 2024 No. 1 Overall Pick

Atlanta Hawks Receive: Anthony Davis

This deal would shake up both conferences but it also involves some of the NBA’s biggest names so let’s find out which team would accept this deal.

Would The Lakers Accept This Deal?

The Atlanta Hawks have the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft and could be looking at French youngster Alexandre Sarr to revamp the roster. However, the Hawks could also use their first-round pick to trade for one of the NBA’s best players: Anthony Davis.

The Hawks have possibly been shopping Trae Young before the trade deadline but had no significant movement. After missing the playoffs this year, the Hawks have to look at which player can elevate their roster and could use their No. 1 overall pick to pair with Young in an effort to land Anthony Davis. The Los Angeles Lakers’ organization has a love-hate relationship with Anthony Davis but perhaps they would accept a blockbuster deal that the Hawks can offer.

Trade Details

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Trae Young, 2024 No. 1 Overall Pick

Atlanta Hawks Receive: Anthony Davis

This deal would shake up both conferences but it also involves some of the NBA’s biggest names so let’s find out which team would accept this deal.

Would The Lakers Accept This Deal?

The Lakers would eagerly accept this deal, and it’s not hard to see why. Anthony Davis is undeniably one of the NBA’s top talents, showcasing his prowess with impressive stats and even a nod as a contender for Defensive Player of the Year after posting 24.7 points, 12.6 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks per game on 55.6% from the field.

However, his injury history is a red flag, with this season being the first since 2017-18 where he managed to play at least 65 games. Despite his undeniable skill, his inability to steer the Lakers back to the Finals since their 2020 NBA triumph raises doubts about his long-term impact, especially given his age of 31. With LeBron James’ eventual retirement on the horizon, banking on Davis’s health becomes even riskier.

Meanwhile, Trae Young, at just 25 years old, presents an enticing opportunity for the Lakers—a potential franchise cornerstone capable of igniting excitement on the court. Pairing Young’s youth and promise with the allure of the No. 1 overall pick, the Lakers gain valuable assets for future growth and sustained success. While Davis’s talent is indisputable, the potential long-term benefits of acquiring Young and the top pick make this trade a strategic win for the Lakers.

Would Hawks Send This Package For Anthony Davis?

The Hawks would likely not accept this trade package for Anthony Davis. Despite Davis’s undeniable talent and past achievements, several factors make this deal less appealing for Atlanta. At 31 years old, Davis’s age raises concerns, particularly given his injury-prone nature. Moreover, his history of discontent and agitation when not in preferred locations is evidenced by his departure from New Orleans to Los Angeles.

Additionally, the Hawks may see more value in retaining the No. 1 overall pick to select Alexandre Sarr, a promising 7’1″ French center with untapped potential. Sarr’s combination of size, scoring ability, and defensive presence could make him an ideal complement to Trae Young, serving as both a go-to scorer and a lob partner for the talented point guard.

With Sarr, Young, and the addition of Dejounte Murray, the Hawks have a solid foundation to start their improvement next season. Furthermore, considering offers for Clint Capela to create additional roster flexibility and continue building the team’s depth could be a more appealing option for Atlanta than parting ways with valuable assets for an aging and injury-prone player like Davis.

What Grade Should This Trade Be?

Los Angeles Lakers: B+

In this trade scenario, the Lakers would likely emerge as the winners of the trade. Despite Anthony Davis’s undeniable talent, his potential impact on the Lakers’ title aspirations for the upcoming season seems limited, especially considering LeBron James will turn 40. Trae Young offers youth and versatility that could alleviate some of LeBron’s burdens as a playmaker and scorer, while also serving as a long-term cornerstone for the franchise.

Additionally, acquiring the No. 1 overall pick provides the Lakers with valuable flexibility. They could either use it to draft a promising young talent who could learn from LeBron or leverage it in a blockbuster trade to further bolster their roster by packaging the pick with D’Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves. The fact that they are solidifying their present and future makes this a B+ trade for the Lakers.

Atlanta Hawks: D+

The Hawks lose this trade, hence the D+ grade. They cannot afford to lose the best player on their team and a No. 1 overall pick without getting a superstar in his prime, or at least a trustworthy one. Davis might be the best player in this particular deal, in a year or two, he might not be. The Hawks will only part ways with Young if it nets them a game-changer in the East, which could in fact be Alexandre Sarr at No. 1 overall.

The Hawks are better off finding new destinations for some of their supplementary players such as Clint Capela, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and possibly De’Andre Hunter before rushing to trade Trae Young. Hawks fans want to see the team return to the Eastern Conference Finals as they did in 2021, but they need to be patient because there might not be any major deals out there right now.

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