Headlines: Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Terminates Contract with Club Over…

The prevailing narrative behind why the Los Angeles Chargers would make an ideal draft trade partner for the Minnesota Vikings is Jim Harbaugh setting up his quarterback from Michigan, J.J. McCarthy, with the best situation possible in the NFL
Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio considered that Harbaugh may have some hard feelings toward the Vikings after he was turned down for the team’s head coach opening two years ago.
You think if they called Jim Harbaugh, the team that spurned him when he thought he was going to be head coach of that team when he packed up his office and left in early 2022, fully believing he was going to get that job, and then he didn’t. You think he’s going to do them any favors? Hell no,” Florio said on an April 12 airing of Pro Football Talk. “That’s a problem the Vikings have.
Even if Harbaugh doesn’t get in the way of a phone call for the No. 5 overall pick, he could have a say in the terms of the deal and drive a hard bargain as the Vikings’ final chance of landing a top-four quarterback in this year’s draft. Ideally, the Vikings wouldn’t have to give up a future first-round pick to trade to the fifth spot, giving up only the No. 11 and No. 23 picks in this year’s draft
But if a team like the Chargers is trying to price gouge the Vikings, general manager Kwesi Adofo-Memsah expressed he’s willing to walk away from a bad deal despite the team’s needs for a future franchise quarterback.
“I do think you’re supposed to price in, you know, a little bit of irrationality,” Adofo-Mensah said in an April 11 news conference, per The Star Tribune. “But then really, it’s always about walkaway prices. And walkaway prices, to me, are meaningful because it’s another action. Your only leverage in the negotiation is your willingness to do something else.”

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