Heartbreaking News:Jamie Carragher responds to recent news involving him and Nottingham Forest…Read More.

Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher has responded after hearing that he and Gary Neville might be banned from the City Ground. The Nottingham Forest game against Manchester City this Sunday will be aired on Sky Sports, with both teams facing a crucial matchup.

However, there’s a social media rumor that the broadcast may exclude Carragher and Neville due to their recent remarks about Nottingham Forest. The team, managed by Nuno Espirito Santo, has faced media criticism following their loss to Everton last weekend.

Forest has also been in the spotlight for contentious refereeing decisions, prompting the club to take action after the game.

The statement was released soon after the final whistle, creating a buzz in the football world. However, after hearing about his possible ban from the City Ground, Carragher has used social media to clear up any confusion.

Every game is now crucial for Nottingham Forest as they fight to avoid relegation, with Luton Town having a chance to drop them into the bottom three today.

Luton Town faces Wolves, who are struggling with their form, and a win would move Rob Edwards’ team out of the relegation zone.

Forest aims to secure three points in each of their last four games, even as they face the reigning champions.

However, Neville and Carragher’s remarks regarding Nottingham Forest’s statement on the controversial refereeing decisions in the game against Everton have irritated many at the club.

Carragher criticized Nottingham Forest’s claim that VAR had a bias, calling it “classless.” After hearing that he and his colleague were reportedly banned from Forest’s City Ground, he responded on Twitter to correct the record, stating, “No it’s not true.” He also called out the fan for their strange response, noting that it was inconsistent with the fan’s earlier tweet criticizing them.


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