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Cooper Mays, the standout offensive lineman for the Tennessee Volunteers, has announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend. The couple’s relationship has been a heartwarming topic among friends and family, culminating in this exciting announcement.


Mays, who recently declared his intention to return to Tennessee for his super senior season in 2024, shared the news on social media, adding to the string of significant updates from his life. Known for his leadership and resilience on the field, Mays is equally celebrated for his commitment off the field. His decision to return for another season with the Volunteers was driven by his desire to “finish what [he] started” and contribute further to the team’s success [[❞]](https://www.rockytopinsider.com/2023/12/20/tennessee-veteran-cooper-mays-details-decision-to-return-to-vols-in-2024/) [[❞]](https://www.rockytopinsider.com/2023/12/15/tennessee-offensive-lineman-cooper-mays-returning-for-super-senior-season/).


This return is particularly noteworthy given Mays’ impact on the team over the past four years. Despite facing injuries, including a significant hernia that sidelined him for part of the 2023 season, his determination has been unwavering. His leadership is expected to be pivotal for the development of the team, especially in aiding the new quarterback, Nico Iamaleava [[❞]](https://www.rockytopinsider.com/2023/12/20/tennessee-veteran-cooper-mays-details-decision-to-return-to-vols-in-2024/).


The wedding announcement adds a joyous personal milestone to Mays’ eventful year. The couple, who have been together for several years, have been a supportive presence in each other’s lives through the highs and lows of college sports. Friends and teammates have expressed their excitement and support for the couple, celebrating this new chapter alongside them.


Mays’ family, particularly his brother Cade Mays, a former Tennessee offensive lineman now in the NFL, has been a significant influence on his decisions. The Mays brothers share a close bond, often guiding each other through major life and career decisions. Cade’s advice was instrumental in Cooper’s decision to return for another season, emphasizing health and readiness for a future NFL draft [[❞]](https://www.rockytopinsider.com/2023/12/15/tennessee-offensive-lineman-cooper-mays-returning-for-super-senior-season/).


As Cooper prepares for both his final collegiate football season and his upcoming wedding, the Tennessee community rallies behind him. His dual focus on personal and professional commitments exemplifies the balance that many student-athletes strive to achieve. The wedding, set to be a celebration of love and support, is anticipated with great enthusiasm by those close to the couple.


This blend of personal joy and professional dedication highlights Cooper Mays as not just a key player on the field but also a beloved figure off it. His journey through college football, marked by perseverance and resilience, now intersects with a new journey in his personal life, promising an exciting future ahead.


For more details on Cooper Mays’ return to Tennessee and his recent announcements, you can visit Rocky Top Insider [[❞]](https://www.rockytopinsider.com/2023/12/20/tennessee-veteran-cooper-mays-details-decision-to-return-to-vols-in-2024/) [[❞]](https://www.rockytopinsider.com/2023/12/15/tennessee-offensive-lineman-cooper-mays-returning-for-super-senior-season/).

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