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**Nottingham Forest Manager Commits to Premier League Fight: “I’m Not Going to Relegate”**


In a determined declaration, Nottingham Forest’s manager has vowed to fight tooth and nail to retain the club’s Premier League status. Amidst a challenging season marked by inconsistent performances and mounting pressure from fans and pundits, the manager’s resolve to turn things around has been made clear.


During a recent press conference, the manager addressed concerns about Nottingham Forest’s current standing in the Premier League table. The team, which has faced a series of defeats and drawn matches, finds itself near the relegation zone. However, the manager’s message was one of resilience and determination.


“I’m not going to relegate. I must fight for my position in the Premier League,” the manager asserted. “We know the challenges we face, but we also know the talent and spirit within this squad. There’s no question in my mind that we have what it takes to stay in this league, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”


The manager’s confident words reflect a growing sense of urgency within the club. With the season approaching its critical stages, every point matters, and Nottingham Forest is well aware of the stakes. The manager highlighted the need for teamwork, discipline, and a renewed sense of purpose.


“Our fans deserve better, and we’re committed to giving them something to cheer about,” he said. “It’s not just about survival; it’s about proving that we belong here. The Premier League is the pinnacle of English football, and we’re determined to be a part of it.”


The manager also acknowledged the pressure that comes with fighting to avoid relegation. However, he believes that this pressure can be a motivator rather than a hindrance. “When you’re fighting for your life, you find strength you didn’t know you had,” he noted. “It’s a test of character, and I believe our players are ready to rise to the challenge.”


Nottingham Forest’s upcoming fixtures will be critical in determining their fate in the Premier League. The manager has called on the fans to rally behind the team, emphasizing the importance of home support. “The fans are our 12th man. Their energy and passion can make a huge difference, and we need them now more than ever.”


As Nottingham Forest prepares for the final stretch of the season, the manager’s rallying cry serves as a beacon of hope for supporters. Whether the team can overcome the odds and secure their place in the Premier League remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the fight is far from over.

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