John Harbaugh might consider getting a tattoo if the Ravens win the Super Bowl; he could likely be persuaded.

Jim Harbaugh promised his players that if they went 15-0 and won the College Football National Championship, he would get a “15-0” tattoo. Despite later becoming the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, he fulfilled his promise after the team achieved the feat.

When asked about his brother Jim’s tattoo and what it would take for him to get one, Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh stated that he’s not afraid of getting inked. He mentioned that if they win a Super Bowl, he could likely be convinced, but any tattoo would prioritize family, likely featuring his wife’s and daughter’s names, Ingrid and Allison, respectively. He speculated that Jim probably did something similar, possibly including his wife’s name, Sarah.

The Ravens need no extra motivation in their quest to win a Super Bowl, but maybe seeing a ‘tatted-up’ John Harbaugh could be added to the list of reasons to win it all come February.

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