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With Darvin Ham stepping down as Lakers head coach, the organization must swiftly transition from prioritizing continuity to identifying a new leader.

Numerous names have surfaced as potential candidates for the head coaching position, including Kenny Atkinson, Micah Nori, David Adelman, Mike Budenholzer, and JJ Redick.

In the latest SB Nation Reacts poll, Lakers fans were polled on the top coaching candidates from this group. Budenholzer and Redick emerged as the most favored choices, garnering the highest number of votes.

Budenholzer’s getting 36% of the vote is interesting since that’s the coaching tree Darvin Ham grew out of. Organizations tend to go the opposite direction of the person who was let go, so I’m surprised fans want the person who helped mold many of Ham’s ideologies. Sure, they are two completely different people and Budenholzer is a champion, but I was surprised nonetheless.

The recent report from Shams Charania of The Athletic indicating that Budenholzer will become the new head coach of the Phoenix Suns renders the previous speculation somewhat irrelevant. Interestingly, Vogel’s reported dismissal just a day prior suggests an expedited decision-making process.

With Budenholzer no longer in contention, Redick emerges as the clear favorite among fans, securing 33% of the vote.

Redick presents an intriguing coaching prospect, boasting extensive NBA experience as a former player and renowned shooter in his prime. Beyond his playing career, he has showcased his basketball expertise through broadcasting and his podcast “Mind The Game,” co-hosted with Lakers star LeBron James.

Still, he’s never coached at a high school, college, or professional level. Does that sound like someone who should be in charge of a historic franchise looking for one last chance to get a ring with the duo of LeBron and Anthony Davis.

Maybe not, but Bron clearly likes him. He does have elite basketball experience as a player, so perhaps that, along with his ability to work a room, is enough to win the job.

The Lakers have not officially interviewed anyone just yet, so we’ll see who gets an opportunity to pitch their vision and who will ultimately be the Lakers’ 27th head coach.

So far, Lakers fans want to take a chance on Redick and given that no bigger names with illustrious resumes are available, it’s not such a terrible idea.

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