Just In: No space for Georgia….

Wales won’t be playing Georgia this autumn. Instead, they’ll face Fiji, Australia, and South Africa on November 10, 17, and 23, respectively. Initially, Wales and Georgia were discussing a possible November match after Georgia, who clinched their seventh consecutive Rugby Europe Championship, issued a challenge to Wales, following Wales’ winless Six Nations campaign. However, the teams are now considering a game in summer 2025.

The Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) wishes to clarify reports indicating that members of the Fiji Airways Fijian Men’s 7s team were forced to sleep outside during a layover at Sydney Airport while en route to the Dubai 7s tournament. Following a complaint, detailed in a letter dated December 11, 2023, to the Prime Minister from the Honourable Speaker of Parliament, FRU initiated an investigation into the incident. The letter alleged that the team slept in the Sydney Airport Terminal corridor until 2:30 am when the terminal re-opened.

After a thorough investigation and discussions with the Fiji Airways Fijian Men’s 7s team management and players, FRU discovered that World Rugby arranged the team’s flight schedules. During their transit, accommodations at the Ibis Airport Hotel in Sydney were organized to ensure the players had a proper resting place during their journey to Dubai.

It was found that while the players were given accommodations, the Head Coach and Assistant Coach remained outside the terminal with the team’s luggage and equipment for three hours, awaiting the terminal’s reopening and the resumption of check-in for morning flights.

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