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The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most historic franchises in the NBA.

Not only are the Lakers known for winning, but they are embedded into American culture.

This is a brand and a team that has worldwide recognition, a sign of what they have built over the years.


Despite their team history, the past few seasons haven’t been the kindest to the Lakers.


In fact, if you take out their NBA Finals win during the bubble season, the Lakers haven’t won a championship since 2010.


While this might not seem like a long drought for some teams, this is a long time for the Lakers, who used to dominate the league.


There were thoughts that the Lakers could get back to that place with LeBron James, but it hasn’t been the case to this point.

After the team’s early playoff exit this year, the front office cut ties with Darvin Ham, hoping a new head coach could set them back down the right path.

Many fans and analysts have speculated who the next coach will be, but one person seems to be gaining more traction than the rest.

According to reporter Jake Fisher via Evan Sidery, “The Lakers have an affinity for J.J. Redick.”


“Redick, a highly accomplished NBA player in his time, has transitioned into a revered figure in the media.


Opinions vary regarding his potential assumption of the Lakers’ head coaching position, particularly given his close friendship with James.


Should he accept the role, it raises curiosity about the team’s dynamics and performance under his leadership.”

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