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It’s safe to say that the Cincinnati Bengals have experienced more roster turnover in the past two seasons compared to previous years. One of the team’s greatest assets heading into the 2022 Super Bowl was maintaining a tight-knit core of players who helped transform the culture of this historically mediocre organization. Recently, however, the departure of key players like Jessie Bates and Joe Mixon has significantly outweighed the influx of new talent.

The defensive secondary has been one of the most impacted units on the roster, with four of the five starters from the 2022 Super Bowl team leaving the organization. The only remaining player from that group is nickel back Mike Hilton, who is expected to leave the team next season when his contract expires. Aside from Hilton, every player in the secondary has been brought in to fill the gaps left by more experienced players.

While the business side remains individually operated, the defensive secondary is a unique unit. Similar to the offensive line, communication and trust are crucial in the defensive backfield, as each player must effectively cover their zone or man for successful coverage. Although the current talent may surpass that of the Super Bowl run two years ago, this group still urgently needs to establish strong leadership.

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