Just In:College Football 2024: 5 Heisman Trophy candidates to keep an eye on

Georgia’s Carson Beck, despite being the fourth-most valuable quarterback last season, didn’t receive much attention due to the Bulldogs’ absence from the playoffs. Meanwhile, Texas’ Quinn Ewers showcased his talent with an impressive 85.6 passing grade. Ewers particularly shines in high-pressure situations, as evidenced by his stellar performances against top teams like Alabama and Washington, where he made six big-time throws and zero turnover-worthy plays.

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The 12-team College Football Playoff era is nearly upon us.

We are only a few months out from the start of the 2024 college football season, so it’s time to look at some of the top Heisman candidates heading into the campaign.

Like last year, the summer will be filled with talk about quarterbacks who could win this award. So, here are five players who I believe have the best chances of taking home the hardware in December.

Beck is widely regarded as the top quarterback in college football heading into the 2024 season. Despite being the fourth-most valuable quarterback last year, behind 2023 Heisman finalists Bo Nix, Michael Penix Jr., and Jayden Daniels, his performance didn’t garner enough attention due to the Bulldogs missing the playoff. However, his exceptional play last season has propelled him into discussions as a top prospect for the QB1 spot in next year’s draft, boasting an impressive 90.8 passing grade, which ranks second among returning quarterbacks.

Although Beck had a slow start, once he found his rhythm, he never looked back. His impressive statistics from last season speak volumes, with 3,949 passing yards and an 80.1% adjusted completion percentage, both ranking third among quarterbacks. Additionally, his overall grade of 91.5 placed him fifth overall among all quarterbacks.

Following a challenging 2022 season, Quinn Ewers made a remarkable comeback in 2023, reaffirming why he was hailed as the nation’s top recruit in 2021. Now, the focus shifts to his ability to maintain consistency throughout an entire season.

Despite his ups and downs, Ewers displayed his undeniable talent with an impressive 85.6 passing grade last season. Notably, he thrived in high-pressure situations, delivering standout performances against formidable opponents like Alabama and Washington, showcasing his knack for making big plays while avoiding costly errors.

However, Ewers also experienced struggles, notably in games against Wyoming and Rice, where his performances fell short of expectations. Addressing these inconsistencies and refining his decision-making, particularly against lesser opponents, will be crucial for Ewers to solidify his candidacy for the Heisman Trophy in 2024. Finding a quarterback who thrives in pivotal moments and remains composed under pressure is essential for any team, making Ewers’ ability to rise to the occasion a valuable asset.

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