Just In:Five questions Vikings are facing after NFL draft and ahead of OTAs…

After an intense free agency period that brought 14 new players to the roster and an eventful draft where the Vikings secured potential successors to key roles, they now face an intriguing offseason with organized team activities (OTAs) starting on May 20. With a total of 38 new players on the team, the 2024 Vikings could see one of the most fiercely competitive camps in recent memory. As they head into OTAs, here are five questions facing the Vikings:

1. **Quarterback Transition**: With Kirk Cousins approaching the end of his contract, how will the new quarterback prospect integrate into the team? The Vikings will evaluate their drafted QB and determine his developmental timeline, whether he could be ready to step in soon or if he requires more seasoning.

2. **Pass Rusher Depth**: How will the defense adjust with the new pass rusher? Given Danielle Hunter’s pivotal role, the Vikings drafted a potential successor to bolster their pass-rushing depth. The question is how quickly this new player can contribute and whether he can become a consistent threat on the defensive line.

3. **Position Battles**: Which roster positions are most up for grabs? With a significant influx of new talent, the Vikings will experience heightened competition for starting roles and roster spots. Identifying the most contested positions will be crucial in shaping the team’s depth chart.

4. **Team Chemistry**: How quickly can the team build chemistry with so many new faces? Establishing a cohesive unit will be a priority, and OTAs provide a key opportunity to foster teamwork and camaraderie among the players and coaching staff.

5. **Leadership Transition**: With veteran departures, who will emerge as new team leaders? The Vikings will need players who can step into leadership roles, both on and off the field, to guide the team through the upcoming season’s challenges.

These questions highlight the uncertainties and opportunities ahead for the Vikings as they prepare for the 2024 NFL season. The OTAs will be an important first step in determining how the new-look team will shape up.

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