Just in:Humphrey Ker describes the potential impact on “Welcome to Wrexham” if Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s team experiences a ‘seven-game losing streak’ in League One next season.

Humphrey Ker has outlined what will occur with the hit show “Welcome to Wrexham” if the team goes through a “seven-game losing streak” in League One.

Co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney launched the first season of “Welcome to Wrexham” in October 2022, and it has been hugely successful. The documentary covered their unsuccessful efforts to leave the National League, followed by their victory in that division, and now, their successful League Two promotion campaign is featured in the third season. Executive director Humphrey Ker has discussed how the team’s ups and downs enhance the show’s appeal as they gear up for life in League One in 2024-25.

When asked if Wrexham hadn’t been such a success story, would that go in the documentary, Ker replied on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X: “Oh yeah. So, I love the bits in the documentary where we win and get promoted and all the nice stuff, and it’s amazing to have this record of this thing that you’ve been part of. But actually, the best stuff in it, for me, is the stuff about the people, the fans, the real people, the trials and tribulations. I mean, football clubs are amazing things – it’s like a fishing net, and it runs through the whole community, and you scoop up all of these amazing people and stories and things, and that’s the best stuff.

We do get asked, ‘what happens when you get stuck in League One for three seasons and you can’t do this and that?’ But actually, I still think it will be compelling, because there will still be on these triumphs and tragedies and us dealing with the difficulty. It’s been easy street for two-and-a-half years for us really. And at some stage it won’t be, and I think that’ll make very compelling television. You’ll see me go from Mr Cheerful, cracks jokes, to ‘oh no!’ You know, we’re on a seven-game losing streak.”

Thanks to Reynolds, McElhenney, and the documentary, Wrexham have been able to gain a worldwide following and that has led to extra sponsorship deals and more revenue streams for the club. That has played a big part in them reaching League One but their toughest task is about to begin when they take on the English third tier.


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