Just In:Kentucky Coaching Search Update: Wednesday Night Remains Calm

A day during a coaching search seems to stretch like a week. It’s been about 36 hours since John Calipari stepped down. Today marked a crucial point in the Kentucky coaching hunt, though it passed without much buzz. The atmosphere is eerily quiet. The Big Blue Nation was on edge Wednesday morning, following a plane’s journey from Texas to Lexington, only for it to divert and seemingly land in Georgetown. By Wednesday evening, the plane returned to Texas, with no sign of Scott Drew, but some of his family members were aboard.
As Kentucky fans tracked planes and engaged in speculation, university officials were busy conducting interviews with potential candidates. The official interview phase kicked off, marking a crucial step forward in the coaching search process.
KSR’s Matt Jones informed Kentucky fans that Wednesday night wouldn’t bring any big news about the Wildcats’ next basketball coach. He mentioned that while things could change, he didn’t anticipate any announcements or significant progress in the coaching search. As of Wednesday evening, there hadn’t been an official offer made, and there were still three main candidates being considered. Kentucky had been in contact with two of those candidates that day, but there wasn’t further movement.
In case you’ve been neglecting updates, the top contenders are Scott Drew, Billy Donovan, and Dan Hurley. Hurley, who celebrated his recent National Title on The Herd, waved off any Kentucky rumors, calling them “flattering.” Jeff Goodman thinks Hurley isn’t leaving.

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