Just In:Nick De Marco, the renowned legal representative for Nottingham Forest, responds to the newest intriguing case involving the…

Nick De Marco extended his congratulations to the legal teams representing Everton and the Premier League for their involvement in what he described as an intriguing case. Via Twitter on April 10th, the esteemed legal professional urged fellow members of the legal community to delve into the comprehensive written explanations, following the recent decision by the commission to deduct two additional points from the Toffees.
As he was engaged in representing Nottingham Forest during their profit and sustainability case, where the club incurred a four-point deduction in a verdict perceived as incongruous with Everton’s initial heavier penalty (six points reduced from 10 on appeal), Nick De Marco refrained from offering direct commentary on the recent developments. Nonetheless, he commended his colleagues who participated in the hearing. De Marco expressed on social media: “Everton v The Premier League. Due to my own involvement in other cases, I cannot currently comment on this case other than to say well done to all of my colleagues for being involved in such an interesting case, and anyone working in this space should obviously read the
written reasons.”
The fact that the system is set up to deal with breaches as individual legal cases, with different representatives arguing in front of new panels while attempting to draw on precedent from previous hearings has created something of a confused mess within the top flight, when a clear set of rules and sanctions may have avoided that.

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