Just In:Perry and Curran respond to the Patriots’ encounter with Michael Penix Jr.

The New England Patriots are carefully evaluating their options as they seek their future franchise quarterback. With the third pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, they’ve been considering top QB prospects Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, and J.J. McCarthy. ESPN’s Adam Schefter noted that if the Washington Commanders select Daniels at No. 2, the Patriots might decide between Maye and McCarthy. However, if they’re not convinced by either prospect…
To ensure they explore all options, the Patriots are reportedly meeting with Washington QB Michael Penix, who’s seen as one of the second-tier prospects in this year’s draft. Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran discussed this development on Monday’s Early Edition, noting that it broadens the Patriots’ search beyond high-end first-round picks. Perry suggested that if the team can’t settle on a top prospect, they might consider trading back and looking at second-tier quarterbacks like Penix, Bo Nix, or even Spencer Rattler.
While Penix carries significant risk, Phil Perry recognizes his considerable upside. Perry mentioned, “He comes with a variety of concerns,” citing Penix’s resilience in overcoming personal challenges such as multiple season-ending knee and shoulder injuries. Despite these setbacks, Penix has demonstrated exceptional toughness and performed at a high level in recent years. However, Perry believes these factors place him more in the second-round prospect category rather than being considered a high first-round pick like some of his peers.
Curran sees Penix’s toughness as a compelling attribute that could appeal to Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo and de facto general manager Eliot Wolf. If the Patriots decide to trade their No. 3 overall pick for multiple assets, Penix could emerge as one of the top quarterback options for New England. Curran emphasized the importance of physical and mental resilience, traits that Penix possesses. He expressed excitement at the prospect of acquiring Penix while also having the resources to address other key positions such as wide receiver, offensive tackle, cornerback, and edge rusher. Curran believes the Patriots have the opportunity to excel in this draft, with Day 1 scheduled for April 25.

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