Just In:The Lakers are said to be proposing a $100 million deal to Dan Hurley, as reported.

The Los Angeles Lakers are allegedly making a substantial financial investment in their efforts to recruit University of Connecticut head coach Dan Hurley. According to Anthony F. Irwin, the Lakers are poised to present Hurley with a contract valued at approximately $100 million over an eight-year period. This development is unexpected, particularly given Hurley’s lack of experience coaching at the NBA level.

The reported $100 million offer is a bold and unprecedented move by the Lakers. Such a substantial financial commitment indicates their belief in Hurley’s ability to bring long-term success to the franchise. Historically, the Lakers have not been known to pursue high-profile college coaches, making this potential hiring even more noteworthy.

Dan Hurley has solidified his reputation as a successful coach and adept program developer in collegiate basketball. His leadership has propelled the UConn Huskies to consecutive NCAA championships, highlighting his knack for fostering a winning ethos and unlocking his team’s full potential. This track record positions him as an appealing option for the Lakers, who are seeking to revitalize and fortify their roster.

Despite this ambitious offer, some within the Lakers organization have expressed reservations. Concerns have been raised about Hurley’s lack of NBA coaching experience and whether he can effectively transition to the professional level. However, Hurley’s impressive track record in college basketball and his reputation as a strong leader and strategist provide hope that he can make the leap successfully.

The Lakers’ chase for Hurley also symbolizes their move towards prioritizing the franchise’s long-term vision, echoing LeBron James’ emphasis on future planning. According to reports, LeBron has urged the Lakers to prioritize Anthony Davis’ growth and the team’s future success over his own short-term requirements. This resonates with the Lakers’ ambition to construct a lasting and formidable team for the coming years.

If Hurley accepts the Lakers’ offer, it will mark a significant milestone for both him and the franchise. The potential hiring of Hurley underscores the Lakers’ commitment to investing in top coaching talent and their determination to return to championship contention.

Whether this gamble pays off remains to be seen, but it is clear that the Lakers are pulling out all the stops to secure a coach they believe can lead them to success.

Michael Malone On Dan Hurley: “I Think He Can Do A Hell Of A Job

Michael Malone, the coach of the Denver Nuggets, has openly backed the Los Angeles Lakers’ pursuit of University of Connecticut head coach Dan Hurley. Speaking on The Jim Rome Show, Malone highlighted his confidence in Hurley’s ability to transition into the NBA successfully.

I think Danny Hurley is a great coach. Look at what he’s done at UConn, back-to-back championships. We were actually in Utah and we watched the championship game as a staff and I was so impressed with not only their offense, everybody talks about their offense, I thought their defense was outstanding.”

“And they really challenged Purdue throughout the entire game. I believe Danny has the potential to excel as an NBA coach. At the end of the day, coaching is coaching—it’s about building relationships. The main distinction is in college, where Danny oversees the recruitment and development of his players. In the NBA, recruitment isn’t part of the job.”

You are coaching the players that are there that have been drafted, signed, traded for, whatever it may be. He’s young, he’s energetic, and one thing I learned is that you’ve got to be true to yourself.”

“For Danny, it will have to be who he is if he takes the Laker job. And but it’s basketball, but the NBA game is different than college. 82 games, it’s a long season, back-to-backs, four games in five nights, the rules, the officials. 1 1:39 So I think that might be the only issue that he would have.”

“And not really an issue, but that’s going to take time because it’s a different game. You’re not playing two 20 minute halves, you’re playing quarters. And, but I think Danny, he studied the NBA. I think he can come in and do a hell of a job if he chooses to do so. ”

“He’s got two great options. He can go to the Lakers or he can stay at the powerhouse that he has built at UConn and now wishing the best of luck in his decision.”

Malone, who shares a longstanding friendship with Hurley, suggested that Hurley’s success in the professional realm could stem from his understanding that coaching is primarily about building relationships.

Malone praised Hurley’s accomplishments at UConn, noting the transformation he brought to the basketball program. Under Hurley’s guidance, UConn has become a powerhouse, winning back-to-back NCAA championships in 2023 and 2024.

The Huskies achieved a record-setting season with 37 wins and an impressive margin of victory in the NCAA Tournament. Malone highlighted Hurley’s strategic prowess, particularly his ability to implement effective offensive and defensive systems.

Amid ongoing speculation surrounding the Lakers’ coaching quest, former NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick had been widely viewed as a top contender. Redick, presently an ESPN analyst and co-host of the “Mind the Game” podcast alongside LeBron James, was reportedly close to sealing a deal with the Lakers.

Nevertheless, the potential appointment of Hurley indicates the Lakers are seeking a coach with a demonstrated history of success and the capacity to establish a lasting program. Hurley’s accomplishments at UConn and his perceived ability to adjust to the NBA’s rigors have positioned him as an appealing option for the Lakers.

If he accepts the offer, Hurley would bring a championship mindset and a strong foundation in both offensive and defensive strategies, which could help the Lakers return to championship contention. With endorsements from respected figures like Malone, Hurley’s transition to the NBA could be a game-changer for the Lakers.

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