Just In:The Steelers are confident in their chances of acquiring 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk.

In the Bay Area, most fans expect the 49ers to extend Brandon Aiyuk’s contract at some point this offseason. They think this contract drama is a bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing. But in Pittsburgh, the Steelers seem extremely confident that Aiyuk will play for them next season, not the 49ers.
According to a report by Noah Strackbein, a team source informed him that the Steelers would be shocked if they didn’t secure a trade for Aiyuk. Strackbein then speculated that the deal might be finalized for just a second-round pick and some additional assets.
Why are the Steelers so confident that they’ll get Aiyuk? And do they really think they can get him for a second-rounder?
It seems likely that the Steelers have engaged in discussions with Aiyuk’s agent, potentially offering a contract extension that surpasses what the 49ers have proposed. If Pittsburgh has indeed outbid the 49ers, it puts pressure on San Francisco to consider a trade. Negotiating the terms of the trade will be challenging, as the 49ers may seek a first-round pick while the Steelers aim to offer a second-rounder. This negotiation process is where the real challenge lies.
The 49ers and the Steelers have a week to finalize a trade for Aiyuk. It’s likely they’ll reach a deal at the last minute, as is often the case with such negotiations.

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