Lakers News: Vince Carter Went To Kobe Bryant For Advice About Retirement

  1. Retirement is challenging for NBA players, particularly for those who enjoyed many years of dominance and won championships. Nevertheless, it inevitably arrives, as it did for Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, whose career began to decline as he aged.        Though it was unfortunate to witness Bryant struggle with significant injuries and a decline in scoring efficiency, his legacy was already secure. Upon retiring, the five-time champion smoothly transitioned to life beyond basketball by writing children’s books and participating in animated shorts.

A similar narrative applies to Vince Carter, who was an exceptional athlete known for some of the greatest dunks in NBA history. He faced a familiar end to his career like Kobe Bryant and even sought advice from Kobe about retirement, as shared with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report:

“In my final year, I did acknowledge it was my last season, but I struggled with the word ‘retiring’ because of its implications. When we played the Nets in Brooklyn, Kobe and Gigi attended the game. Given Kobe’s competitive nature and his approach to the game, he didn’t have many friends, and he didn’t mind that. Over the years, we had intense competition, almost to the point of fighting, but we maintained respect. Seeing him smile, hugging him, and our conversation was unforgettable. I asked him about retirement, and he said, ‘Man, it’s the greatest thing ever, the best feeling. You’re going to enjoy it. This side isn’t so bad because I get to coach my daughter and be there for her,’ and more. Hearing that from Kobe, who was known for his intense dedication to the game, made me comfortable with the idea of retiring. He even suggested we discuss it further, but he passed away a few weeks later, on my birthday.”

For someone as competitive as Bryant, it’s heartening to hear how much he enjoyed life after basketball and found joy in everyday activities. Carter’s inability to continue that conversation with Kobe is poignant, but Bryant’s words provided him comfort in retiring.

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