“REPORT: Nottingham Forest Await Decision on Potential Points Deduction as FFP Appeal Hearing Nears”…Read more.

“Nottingham Forest advised to use the clarity that will come with the resolution of their points deduction situation as they gear up for a significant match.


The Reds are set to learn the result of their appeal hearing regarding a four-point deduction for financial rule violations this week. This means Forest will know their position and point total ahead of their match against the already-relegated Sheffield United on Saturday.”

“The breach of the Profitability and Sustainability Rules has loomed over the club since January, when charges were filed. Head coach Nuno Espirito Santo has expressed that the uncertainty about their point total has impacted his players. Resolving the issue—regardless of the verdict—could bring clarity and relief to the Reds ahead of their upcoming match at Bramall Lane.”

“The club remains optimistic about the outcome of their appeal, which is why they filed it,” Nottingham Forest reporter Sarah Clapson explained on NottinghamshireLive’s Garibaldi Red podcast. “However, whether they get any points back remains uncertain.”

“What we’ve seen from the hearings into Forest’s and Everton’s cases is that each one is unique, with varying outcomes. Because of this, it’s hard to predict the final decision based on past rulings.”

“It’s challenging to anticipate the outcome. If Forest regain any points, it would be fantastic—a significant boost. Even a single point could be a game-changer,” the report explains.

“The key is getting the situation resolved and achieving clarity. This has been hanging over the club since January, and Nuno has mentioned how it’s impacted the players.”

“You don’t want to count on getting any points back. But if we do, it’s a huge bonus. I think we’ll stay up.”

Nuno’s team is currently one point above the relegation zone with three matches remaining after Sunday’s 2-0 loss to Manchester City. Despite the defeat, they showed a solid performance against the reigning champions, but they understand that replicating that level of play in the upcoming fixtures is crucial.”

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