Sad News: Lionel Messi expressed frustration towards his coach in response to…

Lionel Messi allegedly approached Monterrey coach Fernando Ortiz following Inter Miami’s Champions Cup loss, reportedly disputing referees’ favoritism towards him and his team. Subsequently, Messi’s team received one red card and six yellow cards during the defeat.
Messi’s status for that matchup is unclear, as he has missed the last four games across all competitions with his hamstring injury.
Lionel Messi and several Inter Miami players allegedly confronted Monterey coach Fernando Ortiz following their CONCACAF Champions Cup match due to Ortiz’s pre-game remarks suggesting that the referees would show bias towards Miami.
Ortiz’s logic was the referees would be against Monterey because Messi plays for Inter Miami, even if he was not in the lineup due to a hamstring injury.

Monterey, one of Mexico’s best club teams, left the United States with a 2-1 victory over Inter Miami in the Champions Cup quarterfinal’s first leg.
Ortiz’s logic did not play out on Wednesday night, with Inter Miami receiving a red card and six yellow cards, compared to Monterey’s three yellow cards.
After Messi was done watching the game from Inter Miami’s bench, he and a few others confronted Ortiz in the tunnel to air their grievances with his comments, per the Miami Herald.
The Argentine legend has not been ruled out for the game in Monterey, and he could be keen to return to Inter Miami’s squad knowing the continental importance of Wednesday’s rematch.

Interest in Major League Soccer worldwide has skyrocketed since Messi chose to play for a non-European club for the first time last July.
And with the legendary 36-year-old former Barcelona star appearing to be a big fish in a small pond at times, he draws unparalleled attention for an MLS team.
That also comes with criticism, such as what came from Ortiz before Monterey defeated Inter Miami.

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