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Steelers’ Russell Wilson Responds to Shannon Sharpe Criticism
The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback responded to some harsh criticism from the Hall of Famer.

In this story:
PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Russell Wilson was called out by Nightcap host and NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe for a recent interview with ESSENCE magazine.

In the interview, Wilson discusses his journey as a black quarterback in the NFL and being part of a small group to win a Super Bowl. Sharpe didn’t appreciate the words, blasting Wilson during the latest episode of his podcast.
So what role did Doug Williams play? The first African-American quarterback to actually get to and win the Super Bowl and win MVP,” Sharpe said to his co-host Chad Johnson. “So what about Shack Harris? What about Joe Gilliam? So what did Marlin Briscoe did? Jack Harry? Steve McNair? They opened no doors? Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick? It was you?”
Wilson has since responded, clarifying that there were more to his words than what Sharpe made know.

“Let’s start building each other up!!! The Evolution of Black QBs in the NFL has been one of the coolest experiences in my life to be a part of. Full context is always important! Grateful for those before me. Those with me. And those after,” Wilson wrote on X. “God is Good!”

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