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**Sad News: Wrexham Assistant Coach Appointed to New Role**


In a bittersweet development for Wrexham AFC, the club’s beloved assistant coach, Shaun Harvey, has accepted a new appointment that will see him leave his current position. While this move marks an exciting new chapter in Harvey’s illustrious career, it also signals the end of a highly successful and cherished tenure at Wrexham, leaving both fans and players with mixed emotions.


### A Pillar of Success


Shaun Harvey, who joined Wrexham as an assistant coach in 2021, has been instrumental in the club’s resurgence and recent successes. Under his guidance, Wrexham has enjoyed a series of impressive performances, culminating in a dramatic return to the English Football League (EFL) after a 15-year absence. His tactical acumen, leadership qualities, and deep understanding of the game have been vital in transforming Wrexham into a formidable force on the pitch.


Harvey’s departure comes at a time when the club is riding high on its successes, making the news particularly poignant for the Wrexham faithful. His rapport with the players, fellow coaching staff, and fans has been exemplary, fostering a sense of unity and purpose that has been evident in the team’s performances.


### An Opportunity for Growth


Shaun Harvey’s new role, details of which are yet to be fully disclosed, promises significant professional growth and new challenges. Sources close to Harvey suggest that the position offers him a chance to further his career in football management at a higher level, possibly with an international dimension. While this is a tremendous opportunity for Harvey, it also highlights his capabilities and the high regard in which he is held within the football community.


In a brief statement, Harvey expressed his gratitude to Wrexham AFC and its supporters. “My time at Wrexham has been incredibly rewarding, both professionally and personally. The support from the fans, the dedication of the players, and the camaraderie within the club have been exceptional. While I am excited about this new opportunity, leaving Wrexham is not an easy decision. This club will always hold a special place in my heart.”


### A Legacy of Inspiration


During his tenure, Harvey’s impact extended beyond the football field. He was actively involved in community outreach programs, youth development initiatives, and various club activities aimed at strengthening Wrexham’s ties with its supporters. His commitment to the club’s holistic development has left an indelible mark on the community.


Wrexham’s co-owners, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, have publicly acknowledged Harvey’s contributions. “Shaun has been a cornerstone of our success and a true leader both on and off the field. While we are saddened to see him go, we fully support his decision and wish him the very best in his new role. Wrexham AFC is stronger because of Shaun, and his legacy will inspire us as we continue our journey.”


### Looking Ahead


The immediate focus for Wrexham will be finding a suitable replacement who can build on Harvey’s work and sustain the club’s momentum. The recruitment process is expected to be rigorous, with an emphasis on finding a candidate who can not only match Harvey’s tactical expertise but also fit into the club’s culture and ethos.


For the players and fans, Harvey’s departure is a moment to reflect on the progress made and to rally behind the team as it navigates this transition. While change is always challenging, Wrexham AFC remains committed to its long-term vision and the pursuit of continued success.


### Conclusion


Shaun Harvey’s appointment to a new role marks the end of a significant chapter for Wrexham AFC, but it also serves as a testament to his skills and achievements. As the club prepares for a new era, the foundations laid by Harvey will undoubtedly continue to inspire and drive Wrexham forward.

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