Sad News:1 Dead, 3 Injured in Southwest Philadelphia Shooting…Read more.

An 18-year-old has died, and three others were injured in a shooting that occurred Saturday evening in southwest Philadelphia, as reported by multiple sources.

PHILADELPHIA — The shooting of four people in a southwest Philadelphia neighborhood included one fatality. The victim is a teen, according to reports.

The shooting took place around 6:30 p.m. on the 1000 block of South 51st Street, as reported by NBC Philadelphia and other media outlets. The 18-year-old victim was shot in the face and later died at the hospital.

Among the injured, two were teenagers, while the other was in his 20s, according to NBC Philadelphia. A 17-year-old is in critical condition after being shot four times. A 16-year-old, who was shot twice in the arm, is in stable condition. The individual in his 20s sustained a gunshot wound to the leg and is also in stable condition.

6ABC reported that no arrests have been made yet, but police did recover a weapon at the scene of the crime. Authorities are actively investigating and seeking any information that could help with the shooting case.

The police have not disclosed what might have caused the shooting, and the identity of the deceased victim has not been released publicly.


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