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UNC senior guard RJ Davis (jersey number 4) gets into position on offense during the ACC tournament semifinal game against Pitt at the Capital One Arena on Friday, March 15, 2024. UNC emerged victorious with a score of 72-65.

UNC men’s basketball star guard RJ Davis announced that he will return for the 2024-25 season to take his extra year of COVID eligibility on Instagram, early Wednesday morning.

RJ Davis, the senior guard for the UNC Tar Heels, has been a cornerstone of the team for the last four years. His remarkable performance in the 2023-24 season earned him several prestigious accolades, including ACC Player of the Year, consensus first-team All-American, Naismith Trophy finalist, and Wooden Award Trophy finalist.

Davis was instrumental in leading North Carolina to a 29-8 record, achieving an impressive average of 21.2 points per game with a shooting accuracy of 42.8 percent. Despite the team’s eventual loss to Alabama in the Sweet Sixteen, he left an indelible mark by becoming the eighth Tar Heel to reach 2,000 career points and setting a new UNC record with 113 three-pointers made in a single season.

Hubert Davis, head coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels, embodies the passion and tradition that comes with representing the storied basketball program. His connection with the team, the coaching staff, and the fervent Carolina fans has been a cornerstone of his tenure. Davis’s dedication to the team goes beyond his responsibilities as a coach; he plays a pivotal role as a leader, mentor, and unifier.

Throughout his career at UNC, and especially this past season, Davis has been a steadying influence for the team. As one of the few scholarship players who chose to stay with the program, his leadership has been invaluable. He has embraced the role of a mentor, guiding the younger players and fostering a strong sense of team unity.

Sophomore forward Jalen Washington captured the essence of Davis’s role in a recent comment, stating, “He’s our go-to guy, and he’s also our closer. So we just trust him.” This trust is reflective of the respect Davis has earned from his teammates and the coaching staff.

Looking ahead, Davis will be joined by guards Seth Trimble and Elliot Cadeau, both of whom have committed to returning to UNC for another season. Their experience and chemistry with Davis will be instrumental in building the team’s success. Additionally, the North Carolina Tar Heels are poised to welcome McDonald’s All-American recruits Ian Jackson and Drake Powell in the fall, signaling a promising future for the squad.

With Davis’s leadership, a solid core of returning players, and the incoming talent of highly regarded recruits, the Tar Heels are set to continue their journey towards excellence. The legacy of UNC basketball is in capable hands, with Davis leading the way both on and off the court.


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