Sad News:The Pistons are reportedly planning to offer Cade Cunningham a maximum rookie extension this summer, But he is not Comfortable and he wants to….Read more.

The Pistons are undergoing significant changes, with Troy Weaver being replaced by Trajan Langdon as the lead decision maker, hinting at major roster adjustments. Despite Monty Williams’ recent lucrative contract, his position appears precarious. However, amidst this upheaval, Cade Cunningham remains a constant figure. Despite a shortened second NBA season due to a shin injury, he showcased a breakout performance in his third season, averaging 22.7 points, 7.5 assists, and 4.3 rebounds while shooting 35.5% from beyond the arc.

Detroit is set to secure Cunningham with a maximum rookie contract extension, a move supported by logic and confirmed by James Edwards III of The Athletic.

That would be a five-year, $226 million contract (25% of the salary cap, a number that could go up if Cunningham made All-NBA next season).

Cunningham feels like Detroit’s one sure building block, although players such as Jalen Duren and Ausar Thompson are getting close to joining him. The Pistons head into this offseason with a lot of cap space. However, rather than chase veterans, Detroit would be wise to consider taking on a bad salary in a trade as long as a few first-round picks or good young players are thrown in. The job is finding more talent and building around Cunningham.


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