Sad News:”Top 4 Dream Picks for the Seahawks in the First Round that are Unlikely to Happen”…Read More.

“The 2024 NFL draft is less than a week away, and by next Sunday, Seattle Seahawks fans will know the names of their team’s newest players. Ideally, there will be much to celebrate.

With John Schneider fully at the helm for roster decisions, Seattle’s draft strategy is anyone’s guess. Perhaps the Seahawks will trade down to accumulate more early-round picks—what a move that would be. Or, they could stay at number 16 and go for a punter. Anything could happen.”
“It’s unlikely, however, that Seattle will end up with any of the four players listed below. There are different reasons for each, but the main one is that Seattle is expected to trade back. While it would be fantastic to land one of these prospects, the Seahawks might not be in a position to choose them.”
Four dream prospects the Seattle Seahawks will probably miss out on in the 2024 NFL draft
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### Way Too Early Chiefs Record Predictions
### 4 Dream Prospects the Seahawks Should Draft in the First Round but Probably Won’t
Seattle might not get their ideal picks in the 2024 NFL Draft.

By Lee Vowell | Apr 21, 2024

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The 2024 NFL draft is just around the corner, and by next Sunday, Seahawks fans will know the names of the newest additions to their team. Ideally, this brings much excitement.

With John Schneider in full control as general manager, nobody can be sure what direction Seattle will take. They might trade back to acquire more picks in the early rounds, or they might stay at number 16 and take a completely unexpected choice. Anything is possible.

However, the following four players are unlikely targets for Seattle. The reasons vary, but the main one is that Seattle is likely to trade back and miss out on these top prospects.

### Four Dream Prospects the Seattle Seahawks Will Likely Miss in the 2024 NFL Draft

#### Tight End Brock Bowers, Georgia
Teams must be careful when selecting tight ends in the first round. Since 2011, only ten tight ends have been picked in the first round, and only three made the Pro Bowl with their original teams: T.J. Hockenson, Kyle Pitts, and Evan Engram. Eric Ebron was also a first-round pick, but he made the Pro Bowl only after leaving the Detroit Lions for the Indianapolis Colts, and he’s no longer in the league. While Brock Bowers has shown high-level talent, there’s no guarantee he’ll meet expectations, which is a risk Seattle might not want to take.”

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