Sad News:Travis Clayton has Denied his rookie contract with the Buffalo Bills due to …

The Buffalo Bills announced that offensive tackle Travis Clayton has signed his rookie contract, making him the first member of the team’s 2024 NFL Draft class to do so. He joins 12 other undrafted free agents who signed their rookie contracts on Thursday.

Clayton comes to One Bills Drive by way of the International Player Pathway (IPP) program. He enters the NFL as one of 16 individuals selected to the IPP, having come to the United States after playing rugby — as inside center for Basingstoke in London 3 South West.

The IPP is the NFL’s current international program designed to help the sport of American football grow on the worldwide stage by providing athletes an opportunity to play professional football with the NFL.

Playing inside center in rugby best translates to the role of a traditional fullback or goal line back in tackle football. Clayton isn’t projected to play fullback, but it’s a short trip to envisioning how offensive coordinator Joe Brady might wish to introduce the NFL to him. Clayton has been timed running a 4.79-second 40-yard dash, which is faster than J.J. Watt’s NFL Scouting Combine time.

In preparing to enter the NFL, Travis Clayton completed a 10-week preparatory stint in Florida via the IPP program. Aside from rugby and his new sport of American football, Clayton is a true multi-sport Renaissance man with experience in boxing and tennis — and also includes soccer, rowing, and skeleton among his sports.

This isn’t the front office’s first foray into developing international prospects through the IPP, with former Bills running back Christian Wade. Wade was part of a practice squad as the 11th man — at the time an extra spot on 10-man PS rosters and exempt from playing due to his inability to make the 53-man active roster. He was a preseason darling, but never was able to appear in a regular-season game for Buffalo.

Like Wade, Clayton can be added to the Bills’ practice squad as an extra player (now as the 17th player on a 16-man PS roster). A key difference now is that he’s eligible to be called up to the active roster in-season a maximum of three times. So, even if he doesn’t make the team’s 53-man roster, Clayton still has the potential path to playing in NFL games as soon as this season with the Buffalo Bills.

Clayton’s ability to do that, of course, will come down to his level of readiness, ability, and more. The Bills are banking on Travis Clayton’s potential to just that, and more.


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